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Free Community Workshops

Educational workshops can be tailored to meet your needs. For instance, we can be available for something as short as a fifteen minute question and answer session. Or, we can host a series of workshops covering critical issues with a formal presentation followed by a questions and answer session.

Audio-visual resources are available to complement the presentation, and participants receive handouts covers the presentation topic and additional resources.

The following is a list of presentation topics Aging Family Serivces has given in the past:

The Sandwich Generation - It's not just a bunch of bologna
Juggling the demands and responsibilities of two generations' needs is becoming an increasing phenomenon for adult children of elderly parents.

Talk is Cheap -- Communication is harder than you think
Planning ahead could be easy but many older adults don't want to talk about issues that in reality give them more control over their lives and save time, money, and stress. Where to live, powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, and living wills are some of the topics covered.

Help! I'm a caregiver at the end of my rope!
When people begin caregiving, they usually do not understand what they are getting into. Taking care of the caregiver is critical to the well being of the family unit and involves managing stress and accessing resources for support and respite.

I will not move! I will not move! I've got to move.
Independent living, assisted living, rest homes, nursing homes -- what are they, who pays for them and how much do they cost!?

I will not move! I will not move! I need help at home.
The clear preference of older adults is to remain in their own home, but they are reluctant to admit the need for help, overwhelmed by where to start, and how to locate appropriate, quality resources in the community. This talk helps clear up some of the confusion on getting in-home help.

I'm not old and I don't want to be around old folks
Aging does not have to be a matter of sitting back and waiting to get old. Healthy aging requires a combination of social, emotional, and physical exercise.

Home Alone - An ounce of prevention
Home safety needs to be evaluated pertinent to the individual's needs. This talk includes checklists of things to look for and available resources to meet various needs and provide peace of mind.

I'm lost in the system and "they" are making decisions for me
Each person is a consumer and has rights and responsibilities in decision making -- whether those decisions involve interacting with your medical doctor, a hospital discharge planner, or an institution's care providers. A discussion of your rights, responsibilities, and where to turn for help from community advocacy groups.

If none of the above topics fit your needs, tell us what you're interested in and we will design a workshop and present it to your group.



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