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Match Objects in League of Legends

Match Objects in League of Legends

The classic and basic League of Legends card is called Summoner's Rift or Summoner's Gorge. The lion’s share of all matches is played here. You should know it like your five fingers for a confident game. The map consists of three main lines (top, mid, and bot), along which the waves of minions go, as well as forests. All this is a battlefield for two teams - red and blue. On each side there are three defense towers on each line.

For every third tower, there is a so-called inhibitor - when you destroy an enemy inhibitor, you are called on your side superminions to help push the line. If you break all three inhibitors, a pair of super-minions will go from each of your lines, not just one. For the inhibitors is a nexus, which in turn has its two defensive towers that must be broken before taking on the nexus itself.

Things You Need to Know to Win

Are you starting League of Legeds? If you are going to Lolbetz, first, check whether you know what is needed for the victory.

Check things you should keep in mind:

  • It is important to understand that the kind of dragon that appeared is chosen randomly by the game.
  • Killing one, you can see the indicator on the spot of the spawn of the dragon, which will display the view of the next. For example, you killed a fiery and an air indicator appeared.
  • This means that in a few minutes an air dragon will appear. Dragons do not change forever - after 35 minutes of the game, if your match, of course, has reached this stage, the dragon in the place of spawn will be replaced by the ancient dragon, which is much harder to kill. Its buff is to strengthen already taken buffs from elemental dragons.

Champions in the League of Legends

In the League of Legends, there are 133 champions, and every year this number increases by about 4-5. Champions are divided into roles, each of which is responsible for their tasks in the game. The main roles in the game look like this: juggernaut, tank, killer, mage, fighter, shooter, support. These roles can be combined in one champion: for example, some magicians are killers, like some support tanks.

Some of the roles are clearly tied to a specific line. Juggernauts are mostly on the top, magicians are on mid, killers and fighters in the forest, arrows and supports on the bot. There are cases when the shooter is taken at mid or top, but this is a strategy that should be avoided being a League of Legends newcomer. You are recommended to use this guide to achieve your goal!



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